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McAllister Towing & Transportation is celebrating 150 years in marine transportation. We operate a fleet of more than 75 tugboats, crew boats and barges in 17 locations along the U.S. East Coast from Portland, ME to San Juan, PR. The fleet of over 270,000 H.P. consists of 28 Z-Drive/ Tractor tugs, 11 Tier II compliant tugs, 20 plus vessels involved in coastal towing and 35 ABS load line classed vessels. In each port, McAllister is engaged in ship docking (servicing more than 1,000 steamship companies), general harbor towing, coastal towing and bulk transportation. As we welcome 3 new Z-Drive/ Tractor tugs to our fleet we continue the McAllister family tradition of being an innovative force in marine transportation.

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The United States Coast Guard Academy Parents Association has many chapters across the US. We are the Delaware Valley Chapter, comprising parents living in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. We get together as a chapter twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. Meetings are usually kindly hosted by US Coast Guard facilities in the area. Recent meetings have been held at the Philadelphia Coast Guard Station, at the Cape May Training Center and at the Atlantic City Air Station.

At the Spring meeting we invite potential cadets who've been awarded an appointment to come with their parents or guardians to meet us, to ask questions, and hopefully to join us. We can usually persuade some of our cadets to come down from New London to talk.

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West Point Parents Club

We are the families of the cadets at West Point  who call Southeastern PA, home!  

We are here to support our cadets and their  families through the 47-month journey from R-Day to Graduation Day.

We support our area cadets by providing small gifts during December TEEs, assisting with larger WPAOG (West Point Association of Graduates) cadet morale efforts and "boodle" coordination and delivery,


We support the cadets' families by providing club informational meetings/programming, social opportunities and celebratory events for important milestones.

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Kreiser & Associates, PC

We are experienced litigators in state and federal courts as well as in arbitration and mediation. Every construction matter is approached by offering practical advice and developing creative strategies designed to achieve our client’s objective. Over the past twenty years, we have represented clients in nearly all types of construction projects, including school and other municipal/public construction, office, retail, and other commercial construction, water, waste water and other industrial construction, road, bridge and other highway construction and residential development/construction.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Parents’ Association (SPPA) recognizes and fills the need for a support system for families of US Naval Academy Midshipmen.  The same camaraderie that helps our Midshipmen succeed at the Academy works well for parents who are trying to understand their role in the process.  Since 1990, our non-profit association has been instrumental in facilitating parent support, information, and social activities for parents of Midshipmen in the greater Philadelphia area.  Our members also take pride in supporting the entire Brigade of USNA Midshipmen through our “Don’t Give Up Dessert” Tailgate after every home football game.

Pharmalytical, Inc

Thank you to Pharmalytical, Inc for your sponsorship and support.

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Thank you to the McLaughlin family for their support and sponsorship

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Forget Me Not Food

No better way to celebrate an occasion or let your Cadet/Midshipmen know that you are thinking about them by sending them a treat. This can easily be done with Forget Me Not Food. 

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Rowland Smith

Thank you to the Smith Family for their support and sponsorship.

Agricultural Exports, Inc. (AGEX) brings our customer partners over 50 years of expertise and professional service in meeting the agricultural needs of local communities and organizations throughout the globe.

Our associations with farm cooperatives, agricultural colleges and leading manufacturers in the industry, enable us to satisfy all of our customer's agricultural import needs in a timely and cost effective way. Customers rely on our personal service and expertise to export agricultural seeds, fertilizer, livestock feed, laboratory animal diets, farm equipment and much more.

From initial contact through delivery, you can depend on AGEX to make the entire process run smoothly.

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